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    A counter claim is a claim for relief asserted against an opposing party after an original claim has been made by the Claimant and can only be demolished by a highly competent Techno-legal Consultant.

    Counter claim refers to arguments or evidence presented against a claim statement. They are used in debates, discussions, and writing to provide multiple perspectives and challenge the validity of a claim.

    We work with the global construction industry on projects of all sizes and types, as well as complex disputes. We offer assistance at all stages and project oversight, as well as dispute avoidance and resolution when projects don’t go as expected.

    Construction Industry – Specialized Expertise:

    Engineers, legal experts, accountants, and construction management professionals are among our team of experts that provide solutions to clients who require specialized knowledge.

    As construction counter claims and dispute resolution specialists, we use our knowledge of the industry to detect, assess, avoid, and settle construction claims and disputes.

    We are proud of our reputation as a trusted business partner on a domestic and international level, from idea to closeout, as third-party project managers and owners’ agents.

    Our experienced staff members have extensive expertise assessing construction claims and disputes and offering expert services for construction projects all around the world.

    We provide special assistance in project and program management, construction scheduling, estimating, and planning, due diligence and feasibility studies, and expert services in the event of a claim or dispute.


    Aspects of Specialization

    We provide technical, scientific, and financial knowledge to companies dealing with high-stakes occurrences that require immediate attention. We apply our breadth of experience to everything from routine inspections to complicated litigation issues, and everything in between.

    Our team consists of multi-talented individuals with years of experience in a number of industries and project types, including energy, industrial, infrastructural, institutional, commercial, civil, environmental, and residential.


    We are dedicated to providing clients and industry experts with thought leadership and continual education.

    White papers, technical publications, conference speaking engagements, and instructional seminars provide our insight on hot industry themes. We also provide pertinent industry materials to assist in navigating building codes, technical recommendations, and numerous laws.

    Why Us?

    Single-point solution at a fixed price
    • We believe that great responsibility and high value should not come at a high expense. As a result, we take great care to optimize the resources needed to finish the project on time.
    • This means that all of our solutions fulfill our client's expectations of a fixed-cost single-point solution, so they don’t have to run from pillar to post to guarantee their project objectives and criteria are met.
    All parties have an extended arm relationship
    • We believe that no project in history has ever been completed by a single person or entity. The spirit of collaboration is in our DNA, and we make certain that all stakeholders in the projects with which we are involved are treated as CO-CREATORS of value.
    • This basic philosophy of treating everyone with respect and having an extended arm relationship with all stakeholders is represented in all of our transactions.
    Professionalism in all transactions
    • All of our team members have been trained to focus on the issues rather than the individuals. This is a significant advantage in our industry, which is highly dependent on human connection and has a great degree of room for dissent / alternative opinions.
    • Keeping our focus on issues and results rather than the various challenges that meet us every day allows us to truly demonstrate professionalism in all of our transactions with all project stakeholders.
    Integration with project teams is seamless.
    • Managing many projects and an exponentially huge number of stakeholders, including clients and their representatives on one side and architects, consultants, contractors, and suppliers, as well as their respective representatives, on the other, presents a variety of obstacles and project risks.
    • We take pride in delivering a seamless integration with ever-changing project teams and their various viewpoints and working methods.
    Concentrate on prevention and mitigation.
    • We have brought the lessons learned from being a part of hundreds of projects over previous decades, which has taught us to focus on preventive measures and effective mitigation where necessary.
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