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    Contract Management involves in-depth contractual knowledge, negotiation, effective correspondence, compliance of contracts, execution and performance of any contact with customers. The understating/preparation & implementation of contracts has great potential for aligning agreeable contracts that lead to positive business outcomes/profits.

    Contract management is the process of overseeing and administering contracts between an organization and its vendors, customers, partners, or other stakeholders. A contract management service is a professional service that helps organizations manage their contracts effectively and efficiently.

    Contract management services can help organizations with a variety of tasks such as:

    1. Drafting and reviewing : Helps an organization draft, review, and negotiate contracts to ensure that they are legally sound and protect the interests of the organization.

    2. Tracking and monitoring : Can help track and monitor the performance of contracts, including deadlines, deliverables, and payment terms.

    3. Managing changes : Can help in managing changes in contracts, including amendments, extensions, and terminations.

    4. Negotiating disputes and resolving conflicts : This can help resolve disputes and conflicts that arise during the course of a contract, including through mediation or arbitration.

    5. Training and guidance : Providing training and guidance to organizations on contract management best practices and procedures.

    Overall, a contract management service can help organizations streamline their contract management processes and reduce the risk of contract-related issues or disputes.



    • All services are offered under one roof (contract management/administration, arbitration, litigation, from the lower court to the supreme court)
    • Highly affordable and competitive rate for services
    • Specialized services are provided without charge or expense until claims are recovered
    • Led by experts/professionals in the prestigious disciplines

    SeaCity treats each construction project as a separate entity. We specialize in Techno-Legal services, which includes thorough documentation and correspondence to the construction industry, which faces Contractual & Legal challenges that affect almost every part of the organization – primarily the bottom line.

    We have experience to assist you in managing and overcoming the diverse technical and legal issues that a Construction company encounters on a daily basis.

    Our extensive experience ranges from pre-construction planning to bid packaging, contract drafting and review, claims preparation, arbitration, and litigation.

    We also offer our expertise in drafting all types of contracts with project stakeholders, including Techno-legal agreements with varying scopes of services. Our skilled contract management services provide trust, competence, and smooth projects while keeping the bottom line in mind.

    Our Legal Associates accurately identify potential problems and the appropriate path and then advise on the best contract approach to ensure the project meets or exceeds its goals. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that the right decisions are made at the right time and that they are carried out to the advantage of the project and its stakeholders.

    We are dedicated to providing clients and industry experts with thought leadership and continual education.

    White papers, technical publications, conference speaking engagements, and instructional seminars provide our insight on hot industry themes. We also provide pertinent industry materials to assist in navigating building codes, technical recommendations, and numerous laws.

    Our team believes in co-creating value by fostering active collaboration among varied stakeholders such as
    Contractors, Architects, Consultants & Project Owners resulting in
    successful projects that give
    everyone peace
    of mind.

    We are devoted to being best-in-class in our chosen field by attracting and growing people, implementing meritocracy, fostering knowledge sharing,
    and ensuring client
    needs are met through continuous
    system and process

    Furthermore, to control and manage projects, the organization leverages cutting-edge web-enabled tools and cutting-edge corporate project management software. We want to be our customers’ first choice for future construction project management consulting services.

    Services Performed

    • Contract management, administration and Contract advice
    • Contract drafting, review and risk assessment
    • Mitigation measures Pre-contract and Tender Strategy Evaluation
    • Documentation and correspondence
    • Due Diligence Research
    • Cost Management and Cash Flow Calculation
    • Variations and Change Management
    • Value Engineering


    • Site Evaluation
    • Mergers and acquisitions valuation
    • Project and feasibility report creation
    • Transparency defines us, and we aim to educate you before we implement anything on your project.
    • On-Time Delivery
    • We are aware of the hazards that may jeopardize on-time delivery and would take proactive steps to manage those risks and assure timely delivery.