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    This method involves modifying the baseline/as-planned schedule to include new activities and logic to represent delay events. The difference between the project completion date in the impacted as-planned schedule and the original as-planned schedule quantifies the delay.

    In Deviations, the delay analysis is a comprehensive technique used to analyze each delay event individually in chronological order to calculate its impact. This methodology quantifies each delay based on the schedule immediately before and after the delay event took place.

    The services connected to the supervision of all compliances throughout project execution are crucial because they guarantee Contractual compliances in all areas during project execution, including compliance at the level of the project.

    As part of the coordination between the various businesses and service providers, we also offer services related to the drafting and vetting of valuable contracts with the Employers engaged for the specific project, which not only protects the interests of our client but also helps to save a significant amount of money on project costs. Other significant and essential techno-legal services that we offer include monitoring the execution of work.

    Techno legal advisory services:

    We offer the best techno-legal services for various projects due to our extensive techno legal knowledge on a variety of techno-legal topics. This is a very specialized area of law that also offers services for auditing projects as well as all different sorts of techno-legal project components.

    We have a team that combines highly experienced legal experts with highly qualified technical colleagues to handle all crucial parts of project management, project vetting, project auditing, deviations, Construction Claims, and Arbitration.

    Our extremely specialized services are related to Project Consultancy, and techno-legal consulting services, which offer a comprehensive blueprint of all Techno-legal aspects of any Construction project. We also offer an exhaustive list of all legal requirements under the Indian law for every type of project.

    Our team is highly experienced, proficient and is a specialized team of technocrats and lawyers, who work closely with technical personnel and subject matter experts from other fields to complete projects. The services related to construction claims and arbitration as well as at the post-arbitration level are also included in the category of technological legal services.